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Smart Start Parenting Classes and Services

The quality and stability of a child’s human relationships in the early years lay the foundation for a wide range of later developmental outcomes that really matter – self-confidence and sound mental health, motivation to learn, achievement in school and later in life, the ability to control aggressive impulses and resolve conflicts in nonviolent ways, knowing the difference between right and wrong, having the capacity to develop and sustain casual friendships and intimate relationships, and ultimately to be a successful parent oneself.  (Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University)

Sometimes parents can benefit from classes or home-visiting programs that give specific guidance on how to interact positively with  children, and when necessary, how to effectively discipline children.   Smart Start provides parenting classes and support services to parents living in New Hanover County.  (Some programs are limited to individuals meeting certain participation criteria.)

Triple P Parenting Seminars

Triple P
Triple P is an effective parenting program founded on more than 25 years of clinical research at the University of Queensland’s Parenting and Family Support Centre. It offers evidence-based principles and advice to enhance parents’ confidence as they promote their child’s social, emotional, and behavioral development.


Program Objectives:

  • Create a supportive learning environment where parents can receive practical information that they can incorporate into everyday interactions with their children
  • Increase parents’ confidence and competence in managing common behavior problems and developmental issues
  • Reduce parenting stress associated with raising children
  • Create a stable, supportive, harmonious family environment

Level Two Selected Seminars and Level Four Group Available

To find out which Triple P class best suit your needs, and to find out if you qualify to attend a class or receive services, please contact Beth Bowen or call 910-815-3731.

Parents As Teachers


Parents as Teachers™ has a vision: that all children will grow up to reach their full potential. As an intensive in-home visiting program for parents of children up to 4 years old, parents will partner with a parent educator focused on their child’s healthy growth and development. Parents as Teachers™ informs, supports and encourages parents as their child’s first and most important influential teacher. For more information on Parents as Teachers, please click here. Additional information is also available from the Parents as Teachers™ National Center.

Click here to download our Parents as Teachers™ Referral Form

Circle of Parents

Circle of Parents® offers anyone in a parenting role the opportunity to participate in weekly group meetings with other parents to exchange ideas, share information, develop and practice new parenting skills, learn about community resources, and give and receive support. Our group will focus on parents of children with special needs and/or special healthcare needs. For more information on Smart Start of New Hanover County’s Circle of Parents meetings, please click here. Additional information is also available from Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina.