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Pyramid Model Overview (Virtual)

January 31, 2022
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

2.0 credit hours
Kelly Puzon

The Pyramid Model is an evidenced based, public health model, grounded in research. This model is a framework of how to support all children through the social emotional lens, and provides a set of evidenced based strategies teachers can readily use in their classrooms. Participants will get a brief overview of the entire model, as well as a look at the free resources available on their website.

*Cameras MUST be on and you must be in the camera frame for the duration of the workshop

*You must be at a stationary location (no shopping, cooking, driving, etc.) to minimize distraction for others

*Be prepared to actively participate during the training. From time to time during the class, you’ll be asked to share ideas or thoughts. Be prepared to turn on your mic to speak, or share in the chat box.

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