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Smart Start Supports Families

Parenting is hard!  Unfortunately, and as we all know, a baby does not arrive with an owner’s manual, letting us know exactly what to do and say when.  That’s because every child is different, and there is no one perfect or right way to raise a child.

We believe that all parents want to do well by their child, and that parenting is based on trial and error.  We also believe the parent is the expert on his or her child.

This does not mean that parents don’t need support to help their children thrive and stay safe.  Parents find help from a spouse, parent, sibling, friend, neighbors and their faith community.  Smart Start is also here to help.

Resource Room

Visit our Resource Room where you can check out books and other resources like learning toys and equipment.  You can also call us for specific answers to your questions or to find out who in our community is best suited to help you with your situation.

Child Care

One of the most important decisions you will ever make for your child is who will care for your child besides you.  To learn more about questions to ask and what to look for when searching for quality child care, click here.

Health & Safety

Healthy growth and development is the cornerstone of a child’s success.  Choosing a medical home, making sure your child has health insurance and is protected through immunizations, and to find out how you can have a healthy and safe home,  click here.

Parenting Classes

Smart Start offers a variety of parenting classes and home visiting programs.  Click here to find out more.

Transition to Kindergarten

Getting the right start in school begins with a smooth transition to kindergarten.  Find out more about how to register for kindergarten, and things you can do to ensure that your child is ready to start kindergarten.