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Tips for Choosing Childcare

Start Early

Start looking as far in advance as you can. No matter what type of care you are considering – a child care center or family child care home – finding the right child care option can take some time.

Make a Call

There are three ways for parents to receive free referrals to childcare:

  • You can call the Smart Start of NHC Resource Room at (910) 815-3731.
  • You can call 1 (800) 653-5212 for CCR&R’s customized referral service.
  • You can receive referrals online by clicking here and scrolling down for the referral options.

Visit and Ask Questions

Make sure you visit the child care sites you are considering. Learn about the key indicators of quality by reviewing these links:

Make a Choice

Think about what you saw at each visit, and make the best choice for your child and family.

Stay Involved

The work isn’t over when you find good care for your child. You and your child’s caregiver are now partners.
Here are some ways to be involved:

  • Have parent-teacher meetings regularly, and ask questions.
  • Offer to volunteer time when needed, like participating in clean up days, fixing broken toys.
  • Visit your child at child care and read a book aloud.
  • Join in special events, like field trips, Career Day, African American History Month, or other holidays.
  • Find out more about efforts in your community to improve the quality of child care. Is your caregiver involved in these activities?

Even if you can’t get time off from work during the day, you can still check in at drop-off and pick-up times. Ask the teacher how things are going, and how your child is doing. Visiting and participating in events sends a strong message. It tells your child and your child’s caregiver that you think what your child is doing and learning is important.