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Our Vision

Smart Start of New Hanover County envisions every child entering school with the health, family support and early education necessary to succeed.

Our Mission

Smart Start of New Hanover County seeks to build bridges to develop, sustain and enhance health, family support and early education services for all children, ages birth to five.

Our Beliefs

  • The well being and success of every child is critical regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or developmental and learning disabilities.
  • The quality of life for young children is basic to adult well-being and the future economic vitality of our community.
  • Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher.
  • A broad community-based partnership committed to young children should be available to assist parents in their role as primary caregivers.
  • The community has the responsibility to provide effective strategies and services to support early education, as well as the development of mentally and physically healthy children.

Racial Equity Statement

The staff and board of Smart Start of New Hanover County have the honor of working with and for families, caregivers, and early educators as they shape the hearts and minds of children in their critical first few years of life. With that honor comes the responsibility to work to ensure not only that we serve all children in every community but also that we actively seek to promote racial justice, stand firmly against racism, and work diligently to eliminate racial disparities. To do this well, we will work in partnership with the community. We welcome the thoughts, insights, and feedback that can help us improve and grow. Only as a learning organization can we do better, and we can learn first by listening.

Smart Start of New Hanover County has a strong history of ongoing organizational excellence. This foundation sets the very highest standards of accountability through strong internal controls and constant programmatic monitoring, allowing optimal use of all funding provided for the children and families of our community.